Field Station














The mural by the Italian artist Hitnes and collaborators overlooking the patio at the UK-Lexmark Building, headquarters for the EREC field station.


The Ecological Research and Education Center (EREC) Field Station is a 60-acre suburban field station in Lexington, about a 20 minute drive from the main UK campus. Its proximity to campus has some major advantages in accessibility for ongoing research projects, teaching, and community engagement, the three main features of a viable field station. At EREC are a teaching lab and two research labs, a weather station, about 20 research aviaries, 16 small and 3 large ponds, 3 successional fields, two research plots of trees, two fields with in-ground sprinkler systems, 2 covered enclosures for replicated aquatic systems, a riparian system under restoration, and an NSF-funded remote-video stream-channel complex. There are many activities in progress. See the full story at