Crowley Lab

Empirical and Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology




Our lab addresses a broad range of issues in ecology, primarily from an evolutionary perspective, in an effort to understand the structure and dynamics of ecological populations and communities, life histories, and behavior. The students conduct mainly empirical studies in a diverse array of systems and organisms and often collaborate on developing related models. Theoretical work focuses on game theory, sex ratios, disease models, and metapopulations. Students wanting to gain experience with a mix of empirical and modeling work are especially encouraged to apply for graduate study. Highly motivated undergraduate researchers are also welcomed into the lab, often collaborating with one or more of the graduate students. Though some of us and some of our individual projects may exclusively use theoretical or empirical approaches, a goal of the group is to help tighten connections between theoretical and empirical work in ecology.


Cover photo from TREE December 2011. Intraguild mutualists grouper and moray eel (Crowley & Cox 2011. TREE 12: 627-633)