Projects in Progress


Dunoyer2, L.A., D. Coomes1, and P.H. Crowley. Turbidity, fish

   predation, and regeneration in crayfish: A field experiment

   in a biodiversity hotspot, with a supporting semi-field

   experiment. Submitted to Freshwater Ecology.

Crowley, P.H., K. Greene2, S. Peter1, and T. Seale1.

   Socializing in experimental streams: crayfish groups

   responding to cues, refuges, and day-night conditions. To

   be submitted to Freshwater Ecology.

Sasser2, K., T. Seale1, D.F. Westneat4, and P.H. Crowley.

   Sequential decisions in the nesting game: trade-offs,

   conflict, and infanticide. To be submitted to The American


Cones2, A., D. Coomes2, and P.H. Crowley. Optimizing

   embryonic development: the incubation-foraging trade-off.

   To be submitted to Behavioral Ecology.

Glover2, K.M., and P.H. Crowley. An integrative approach to

   concealed fertility. To be submitted to Trends in Ecology &


Glover2, K.M., M. Von Deylen1, and P.H. Crowley. Self-

   deception about fertility in human females. To be

   submitted to The American Naturalist.

Crowley, P.H., P.C. Trimmer3, O. Spiegel3, S.M. Ehlman2, and

   A. Sih4. Habitat choice and human-induced rapid

   environmental change (HIREC): Mitigation by learning? To

   be submitted to Behavioral Ecology.

Dillard2, J., and P.H. Crowley. Sibling relatedness and helper

   number in cooperative breeding and eusocial systems. To

   be submitted to Proceedings of the Royal Society of

   London Biology.

Crowley, P.H., L. Lopez3, P.C. Trimmer3, A. Todgham4, M.

   Gil3, C. Jones2, and A. Sih4 . Integrating physiological and

   behavioral responses to multiple stressor in changing

   environments. To be submitted.

Crowley, P.H. Verdicts in criminal trials: justice

   approximated? To be submitted.


Ongoing Funded Projects


A remote-video artificial stream facility for the Ecological Research and Education Center, University of             Kentucky. NSF FSML 8/1/17-7/31/19 $414,649. (PHC, PI)

Developing theory for human-induced rapid environmental change, NSF IOS 1456724, $505,000, 5/15/15-     5/14/19 (A. Sih, PI; PHC senior scientist)

Stream restoration and student engagement at the EREC field station near the campus. University of               Kentucky Student Sustainability Council, $40,796 (PHC, PI)