Current and Recent Students



Dr. Mary Hart recording seabass mating behavior

(Hart et al. 2016 Behavioral Ecology 27: 1471-1479)




Katherine Greene (jointly advised with S. Price) PhD 2023 (expected)—salamander metapopulations in                 disturbed landscapes.

Brittany Slabach (with J. Cox) PhD 2018—Social networks in elk introduced into Eastern Kentucky

Dakota Coomes MS 2018—ecological traps in urban landscapes

Stephen Zumdick MS 2017—bee foraging on common and endangered goldenrods

Deric Miller (with N. McLetchie) MS 2014—tragedy of the commons in plant root competition

Megan Poulette (with M. Arthur) PhD 2012—invasive honeysuckle nitrogen dynamics within tree islands

Yoriko Saeki PhD 2012—the sex-specific size-number trade-off in clonal broods of a parasitoid wasp

Kausalya Shenoy PhD 2012—effects of atrazine on guppy development

Christopher Stieha (with N. McLetchie) PhD 2012—liverwort metapopulation dynamics

John Treanor (with J. Cox) PhD 2012—brucellosis in bison at Yellowstone

Tim Sesterhenn PhD 2011—injury and regeneration in a damselfly

Diego Cuadros-Rubio (with G. García-Ramos) PhD 2011—HIV dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa

Mary Hart (with C. Sargent)  PhD 2011—simultaneous hermaphroditism in seabass

Nathan Klar MS 2010—crayfish refuge use and social dynamics